Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association

Buena Vista Heights Residential Parking
The association has instituted residential parking on many of our streets as a result of Design District patrons using our streets to park their cars. We also had to implement this program due to Design District businesses using our streets for valet parking. Residents would come home only to find no place to park their cars. Since the implementation of Residential Parking we have seen a decrease in outside cars parking on our streets. Residents have indicated it makes them feel safer, knowing whose car belongs or does not belong on the street.
It is unfortunate that we have had to go this route, but this was the only way this community could take back our streets. If you see a car on a Residential Parking only street that does not belong there, please feel free to contact Miami Parking Authority at (305) 579-4900. Report the car and they will come out, ticket and they will tow the car away. If you want Residential Parking on your street please contact the association and we will take a consensus of the residents on your street. Over 50% of the residents on the street must agree.
The Design District Post Office Will Soon Be Leaving The Neighborhood
That’s right the post office has succumb to the pressures of land values going through the roof in the Design District. As a result the owners of the building, which is owned by the post office employee union, has given its tenant, the U.S. Post Office until 2017 to vacate the premises. There is no word as to where the post office will be relocated but this move, will without a doubt, affect the quality of life for so many in our community. The next closest post office is located at 1799 NW 28th St. We have reached out to the post office for more information, they have reported they have no additional information to offer.
Top News Stories In Our Community
The neighborhood association has identified its first Home Beautification Project recipient. She is a 78 years old woman who owns and has lived in our community for over 20 years. Not to long ago, the recipient’s husband passed away and as a result she lives alone with minimum outside help. A few years ago some neighborhood youth attempted to break into her home and someone stole her A/C unit (compressor) from her backyard. As a result of her fixed income this 78 years old woman has had to endure the heat. On the day we met with her, we were invited into her home, it felt like it was 100 degrees. Because it was so hot inside the house we had to step outside. As we inspected the outside of the home, we noticed some broken windows, exterior of the home needed to be painted, the yard needed landscaping and for shading the home needs some window awnings.

As a result the association contacted Channel 10 News. A news crew came out and did a story and aired it that night. As a result of the airing of this story a gentlemen named Bill McGuire from Pompano saw the show and decided to donate an a/c compressor. Paul Llano of Patriot Welding has donated materials and labor to build a cage to protect the compressor. So we are halfway there. The association has decided to incorporate this 78 years old woman’s needs into our Family Fun day fund raising event. The association is planning a Family Fun day on August 8th across the street from the Church of God of Prophecy on NW 2 Ave and NW 46 St to raise needed money for the Home Beautification Project that will address this 78 years old woman's home beautification needs. The Family Fun day will consist of food for purchase such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, chips, popcorn, cotton candy,  face painting for kids, bounce house, and DJ.  We will have a raffle as well.

Come Out And Join Us - The Association's Home Beautification Project Chooses Its First Recipient
police department with crime prevention and to notify the police or the association of criminal activities taking place within our community. The Lieutenant stated that she recognized that there is a major public trust dilemma between the police and residents, not just here in this city but across the country, and that she strongly believes the police, including herself, have to work with residents to rebuild that trust.

Born and raised in the community, the Lieutenant indicated she knows a lot of the history particularly in Miami, and how this trust has been slowly eroding to the point that we are where we are today. The Lieutenant stated she grew up during the McDuffie riots and as a result she felt a certain way, after seeing what the police did in her community. "I get it". "We have to work together and rebuild that trust". The Lieutenant indicated for those who prefer not speaking with the police that for non emergency information it can be filtered through the association and the association will contact her and she will act on it.

Lieutenant Harris indicated she will be implementing extra police detail in the area, addressing some of our quality of life issues zone by zone area by area. Lieutenant Harris stated that recently the police department went through a personnel shift change which allows officers to pick the area they want to go. That has been done and she has been provided with a team of officers. These officers will be required to know the area, spend more time out of their cars walking the beat, getting to know the residents and business owners. Each officer will be responsible for a given area of the community. The Lieutenant indicated she will expect her officers to know who "the squeaky wheels" are in their areas.

The Lieutenant will be implementing a number of initiatives to address some of our quality of life issues such as traffic issues and addressing Pullman Park on 49 St where she is working on getting the city to go out and clean the park. She also will be working with the association and residents to help start a crime watch program on that street. If there are areas of the community where people are drinking, involved in criminal activities, etc, she would like for residents to inform the association. The Lieutenant also indicated she wants to work with the association and residents to assist with a neighborhood crime watch program.

Lieutenant Harris prides herself in being a "problem-solver", willing to face problems by addressing tough issues that face our communities through having real and sometimes tough conversations with the community at large. She believes in finding long term solutions together with everyone's input.
We Need To Work On Public Trust Issues Between The Police And Residents Which Has Eroded Away Over The Years
Lieutenant Harris, our Deputy Net Commander for the area, came out to our neighborhood association meeting at the Church Of God Prophecy on July 23rd to speak with the community. Lieutenant Harris requested of the residents to become more involved with assisting the