Buena Vista Heights Neighborhood Association

1 Stolen Vehicle
2 Burglaries (Mostly occurring between 47th street & 47th terrace)
2 Thefts (Mostly occurring between 47th street & 47th terrace)
3 Vehicle Breaking’s (from 48th street and 49th street)
1 Armed Robbery (on 47th street)
1 Robbery by sudden Snatching (on 47th street)
1 Shots Fired Call
1 Assault
1 Vehicle Accident
1 Hit and Run and
3 Direct Arrest
The following are the breakdown of the Crime Stats for crimes that were committed in Buena Vista Heights from May 1st until July 24, 2015. There has been:
Sometimes you find that when you engage in a conversation with someone, they may say "Oh you live in that area! Isn't there a lot of crime there?" The true of the matter is, every community has crime. But you know, what they are really saying. If you go to this website (http://www.crimemapping.com/map/fl/miami) you can lookup crime statistics and what you will find is generally speaking there is not much difference in crime rate from one community to another. Poor communities tend to have a 10 to 15 percent higher rate versus your more affluent communities. And within affluent communities, residents typically don't like to talk about crime rates within their communities.

One of the things we can do to lower our crime rate is not leave anything in our cars of value. I'm so sick about hearing about someone who had their computer stolen out of their car. Hello? Generally speaking crime rates tend to go up during a bad economy and when young people can not find jobs. We need to start holding our elected officials accountable when it comes to crime rates and I'm not necessarily talking about adding more police. We need our elected officials to enact laws that would require employers to hire and train our youth. Until this happens we will continue to see the numbers that we see. In 2015, our youth should not be subjected to racisms and inequality.
Buena Vista Heights Crime Stats
Crime Summary January 2015 to July 30, 2015
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